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December 11, 2018



Fredericton, New Brunswick - Parents at Connaught Street Elementary School in Fredericton are back in school for an hour a week, but they are not there to learn to read and write, nor to learn mathematics.


Facilitators from The John Howard Society of Fredericton, in partnership with Connaught Street Elementary School are teaching parents the same social and emotional language and strategies that their kids are learning in school to express their feelings.  The eight-week program called, “Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities”, is designed to teach and encourage families to become more aware of their emotions and to be able to communicate and respect how each family member is feeling.

The school takes the mental health of their students very seriously and parents, impressed with what their children were learning, asked how they could get the same tools. 

Justin Young, a Program Facilitator at The John Howard Society, reached out to Barb Corbett, the Principal, with a concept.  “The children were already learning these great tools to help them to clearly express their emotions”, said Young. “Teaching the parents the same language and tools allows families to better communicate amongst themselves and parents can better understand how their children are feeling.”  Thus began a collaboration between Justin Young and Katherine Palmer, Guidance Counsellor at Connaught Street School, on selecting the program content that would be most valuable to Connaught Street School families.


“Parents see the tremendous benefit of the program,” notes Corbett.  “We’ve had nothing but a positive response and parents who took the program last spring are encouraging other parents to participate.” 

Ten families participated in the program this past spring and twelve more families are enrolled in the current program. 

Parents attend a one hour session each week at Grace Memorial Baptist Church, located across the street from Connaught Street School.  The church administration generously donates the space for the program.  The session is facilitated by Young, and parents learn about a variety of topics, including the 7 Habits of Happy Kids, family meetings, Size of the Problem, how emotions are connected to the 5 senses, and Zones of Regulation — a tool that their children use in school to identify their feelings, understand how their behaviour impacts those around them, and learn what tools they can use to manage their feelings.

At the same time, their children are attending their own session at the school with Katharine Palmer, a Connaught Street School Guidance Councillor, and a John Howard Staff facilitator. 

At the end of their respective sessions, the children join their parents at the church to share a healthy family meal and a brief presentation. 

Parents are enthusiastic about the benefits of the program.  In surveys conducted following the spring session, one parent commented, “This is the single most important thing our family committed to this year.”  Another noted that they learned, “how to communicate effectively with our kids without losing our temper” and that meeting other Connaught Street School families expanded their own community and, “made us feel engaged in our school.”

The Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities Program to date has been funded through grants from the Fredericton Community Foundation. The John Howard Society is looking for additional, sustainable funding to allow the program not only to continue, but to expand to other schools in Fredericton.  “Principals, teachers and parents at other schools have heard about the program and are asking for us to bring it into their schools as well,” says Young.  “We want to be able to provide this important program to them, but we need the funding to do so.”

The John Howard Society of Fredericton is a registered charity that provides a wide variety of community programs, including community adult learning, soft skills development, general support services, outreach services, intensive case management services and affordable housing for the homeless.

For further information contact:

Justin Young                                                                 
Program Facilitator                                                   
The John Howard Society of Fredericton                
(506) 443-4936                                                                             

Barb Corbett


Connaught Street Elementary School

(506) 453-5404

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