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Homelessness can be the result of numerous situations. Drug addictions, a lack of income, and fleeing from an abusive family member, are three of the leading causes of homelessness. In Fredericton, homelessness is a prominent issue. There are a large number of homeless people living on the streets in Fredericton. The number of homeless people in Fredericton is more than likely significantly larger than what it appears, as there are a large amount of homeless people who are seeking shelter in places other than the streets such as abandoned buildings or are temporarily staying with friends or relatives as they have nowhere else to live. In the past, Fredericton shelters have unfortunately had to deny some people a place to stay due to the limited amount of space. The limited space poses more of a problem during the winter months, as the weather is harsh and more people tend to rely on shelters for longer periods of time. 

Removing someone from their homeless lifestyle is not as simple as getting a job. Getting a job is a difficult task for a well off citizen. For one who is homeless, the task is much more difficult. A homeless applicant is disadvantaged when looking for work. Unlike a typical job applicant, a homeless person may not have attire appropriate for an interview or a typed resume. Their lack of a permanent address makes contacting the homeless applicant a challenge. Additionally, if the applicant has a history of drug addiction or a criminal background, their chances of obtaining a job are drastically lowered. 

What We do to Help

The John Howard Society has programs for housing individuals. The supportive housing program provides affordable accommodations for those who need them. Our goal is to help the attendants work towards becoming functioning, self-sufficient adults. We have a total of sixteen affordable apartments for those who are dependent on shelters and the charity of others. As it is the purpose of the John Howard Society to help at risk individuals live in mainstream society, it is only natural that affordable shelter is provided to those who need it. We have helped to keep a significant number of people from living on the streets. 

Apartments are equipped with cooking facilities such as a stove, microwave, and oven. Additionally, each apartment is equipped with washroom facilities.

The fees paid by the tenants go towards the upkeep of the apartments and the continuation and improvement of the program. 

The Housing First Outreach Program provides permanent shelter for homeless people with no prerequisite conditions. With the aid of support programs, the vast majority of clients remain housed in spite of their situation. Regardless of whether a person had mental illness or a drug addiction, having a permanent residence was shown to improve health and reduce encounters with the law and with support programs, the vast majority of people are able to remain living in their home. 

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