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The John Howard Society of Fredericton Inc.

The John Howard Society of Fredericton Inc. is a community-based organization. The purpose of this organization is to assist inmates, ex-offenders, and those considered to be at risk to offend (due to their economic, emotional, social, or other factors) in their attempts to re-enter the circles of mainstream society. This independent and voluntary organization has been working in and around the Fredericton area since 1955. It is comprised of citizens who accept the responsibility of understanding and addressing the problems of crime and the criminal justice system in creative, humane and progressive ways.

Commitment to End Homelessness

One of the John Howard Society's purposes is to help those at risk of committing a crime due to social, economic, or emotional reasons, to live in mainstream society. With the homeless being considered at risk, the John Howard Society of Fredericton has a commitment to ending homelessness.

One of our programs, the Housing First Outreach Program, provides shelter and support to homeless people regardless of their past criminal records, or drug or alcohol abuse. Housing First is an effective system in which the vast majority of people housed by a housing first program retain a place to live, had their health improved, and had less issues with the law. 

With our efforts, a number of Fredericton's homeless people have a place to Live. There are currently two buildings in Fredericton that contain apartments for those in need. Each of the two buildings contain a different number of apartments. The larger of the two consists of 12 apartments, while the smaller building contains four.

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